We present to your attention the English version of the appeal dated March 27, 2018.


We, the youth living in foreign countries and studying as post-graduate student, listen to your speech before the people and your valuable recommendations to us, future generation. We have been forced to address to You with regard to a significant issue that is very important for our family, but at the same time, causes a big concern.


We, the students studying abroad, accept the advices in your speeches and follow them as a model. You called in your speech to provide information to you on negative cases regarding officers’ disobedience in our country and daily activity. Write to me, send written letter, and require me. I will take action on my part.



We, the students studying abroad – three brothers: me Heydar Aliyev, my brothers Javanshir Aliyev and Aghalar Aliyev, sending our present written address would like to express our desire to meet with You.

The only reason for meeting with You is that our father Mammad Aliyev was appointed as a department prosecutor for the Central Apparatus of General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan directly from the State Oil Company in his 36 years as an exclusive case, by the 3rd letter of reference signed by You. However, a while later, he became a victim of jealousy by the management of the General Prosecutor’s Office without considering his effective activity free of corruption and bribery, his permanent loyalty to the H.Aliyev legacy and You as a prosecutor, faced with menace, pursuit and pressures and appointed to the post of department prosecutor in Baku city Prosecutor’s Office, that is lower position, without reason with salary of 300 azn. So, he received the first psychological trauma. Even he was given a groundless reprimand by the management when he was on leave. The pretext was liquidation of the examination board illegally operating in parallel within the Training center of the Prosecutor’s Office by Your order promoting the Attestation Board under the proofs provided by him to Shahin Aliyev, the Department head of the President Administration a month ago.


Dear Mr. President!

We, together with my brothers who are a model for the Azerbaijani youth, are engaged only in propaganda of the Heydar Aliyev legacy when we are in both Israel, Canada, France and Moscow on the eve of the 11 April Presidential Election. And also dear President, we are going to vote for You on the 11th April as your volunteer propagandist as all Azerbaijani students living abroad on the eve of the upcoming presidential election. We have already elected our president. He is the heir of the Greatest Leader, it is Ilham Aliyev!!!



Who is Mammad Aliyev?

When our Greatest Leader, Heydar Aliyev who was the first secretary of the party committee of the Azerbaijan SSR, left the meeting in Khanbulanchay reservoir with his car of Chayka in 1972, he made the car stopped and decided to meet with pupils and students who came to see him standing along the street. His first met pupil was my father Mammad Aliyev. In this happy moment, my 8 year father Mammad Aliyev welcomed our Greatest Leader Heydar Aliyev giving him a green branch of bay-tree. Heydar Aliyev asked: What is your name?

And when my father answered “Mamed”, the Greatest Leader said “no, your name is Mahammad” in this response! Just that was the first time that the Greatest Leader sleeked my father’s head, gave him blessings and parted.


Who is Mammad Aliyev?

Mammad Aliyev is a higher-educated engineer graduated from the Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineers. Then he received higher law education in Russia, was appointed a prosecutor by your Letter of Reference, at the same time, he was elected chairman of the first audit commission of Khatai district organization of the New Azerbaijan Party in the first conference held in Baku cinema considering his services of organizing of NAP and as a continuation of the address made to Heydar Aliyev, our Greatest Leader living in Nakhchivan by the intellectuals of the Republic and loyalty with regard to establishment of the New Azerbaijan Party at the end of 1992 and beginning of 1993.


Then-time Khatai district New Azerbaijan Party was represented by popular persons: Ziya Bunyadov, Murtuz Alasgarov, Faramaz Magsudov, Ibrahim Mehdiyev, Vugar Rahimzada, Akif Gambarov, Karim Aghayev, Turan Aliyev, Ramiz Mirzayev and Rafig Gasimov who worked as the 1st Secretary for Khatai district Communist Party Committee at that time. Rafig Gasimov was elected the first chairman of the Organization. That term was so complicated period. Force structures of the so-called government made frequent threats to us and required to stop our activity. However, we held our conference despite of difficulty and completed it successfully. My father Mammad Aliyev spoke us that they held their actions in the criticism-propaganda theatre of Hajibaba Baghirov, in the Department of Gas and Gas Supply in Khatai district and in the Prothesis-Orthopedia Institute headed by Ibrahim Mehdiyev. All these undoubtedly happened under big risks. I was born in February 1993.

This was the time when my father gave the name of Heydar Aliyev, our greatest Leader to me (his elder son), not his native father’s name in the time when patriot youth was required, prior to the Greatest Leader’s coming to authority. It was the time when our Greatest Leader said in his speeches that: “I don’t have a house in Baku, I live in my brother’s home”. It was the time when our great intellect Ajdar Khanbabayev was killed. It was the time when Afiyeddin Jalilov, Shamsi Rahimov were shot before their houses in September, the same year. Reminding those times, my father always says: “I have fulfilled the first one of my holiest duties before the state, Heydar Aliyev and his spirit today”. He always says that my son Heydar Aliyev who carries this name with honour, grows in his address before the Greatest Leader came to power.

Mr. President, I am Heydar Aliyev carrying the name of the said Greatest Leader. I have finished Bachelor and Master’s level in Law Faculty, Moscow State University. Presently I am a full-time post-graduate student in Moscow State Academy of Social Relations on the specialization of World Economy and at the same time, in Moscow State Humanitarian University on the specialization of International Law.  My brother Javanshir Aliyev is a full-time postgraduate student in the Department of International Law and European Union, Moscow State Institute of International Relations where You studied and worked as a teacher. He completed the Master’s level of MGIMO with honor diploma, and present works as a teacher of International Law for the students from 67 countries of the world in Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He is stepping in the corridors where You stepped. Mr. President, he teaches classes in the lecture rooms where You gave lectures, and feels pride of it (vide attached). Today my third brother Aghalar Aliyev is a last year, full-time student at the International Law Faculty in Moscow State International University of Friendship of Nations that is famous in the world.


Our main purpose in sending this address to You:

As I noted, my father Mammad Aliyev has been working for the prosecutor’s office with your signed Letter of Reference. We, three brothers, feel financial need continuously due to our full-time study in a foreign country. However we also work in supermarkets and other places to meet our financial needs in Russia where we live without hesitation just only for our father live! Our father Mammad Aliyev’s monthly salary is 900 AZN. In his working period of 18 years, though he addressed Mr. Zakir Garalov, General Prosecutor of the country in this regard, he was not received by him (statement attached).

Herewith we ask You to meet us, our father and 3 brothers as soon as possible. There are a number of issues that could not be written and said in this letter that we, as the youth loyal to the Heydar Aliyev legacy, would like to meet with You and inform some important moments. Because my father Mammad Aliyev, suffering from these stresses, has exposed to 12 surgical operations in 18 years. If you instruct the respected Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev, he will certainly provide surgery documents proving return of my father from death to life repeatedly. We, as his sons, are not able to bear this tragic horror. These constraints are the result of threats of the term during which he worked for the prosecutor’s offices. 


Therefore our biggest ask from You, please receive us.

I would like also to add and note that I wanted to stay in Azerbaijan after I graduated from Moscow State University 4 years ago. Our personal file was given to Gafar Aliyev from the President Administration stated for upon certain investigations conducted, my father that they would reply to us. And the result of the said reply was as follows.

 That is, an employee there named Natig Aliyev called my father by mobile phone and stated that it impossible to hire your son Heydar Aliyev who carries the name of the Greatest Leader for any position in the President Administration. When my father asked the reason, he stated that this is due to financial difficulty in the President Administration. Therefore this issue has been stayed without reply for 4 years. My personal file is with Gafar Aliyev from the President Administration today too.

I would like to note that the respected Gafar Aliyev remind my father Mammad Aliyev very well. My father says that it was June 1993. At that time the headquarter of the New Azerbaijan Party was situated near Javid Park. My father gave me the name of Heydar Aliyev for honor of the Greatest Leader on 24 February 1993 and made his article named “Both Heydars live 100 years” published in SES newspaper (Ses Newspaper, 12 May 1993. 24 (107)). He went to the editorial office of Ses newspaper situated on the 4th floor of the Institute of Cybernetics located near Baku State University in order to take the newspapers. He met with Sayyad Aran, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Aghabay Asgarov. He advised to take the said newspapers where the said article published from the NAP headquarter where my father regularly visited. My father met with the respected Ali Naghiyev, and Gafar Aliyev in the headquarter. (My father noted that when he entered the mentioned headquarter, as if his foot fell 30-40 cm well. The floor of NAP headquarter was not in the same level with the street. After he took the collection of the said newspapers from on the little yellowish table in the mid of the entry door), met with the above mentioned persons and parted, it was 9 June 1993. A grey Mercedes stopped before my father in front of the headquarter.

The ruffians of the then-time so-called government who were in thick pea jacket in hot weather put my father into the car by force of fist. Then they filled fuel from the petrol station near the Zoo and driving to the yard of long years operating “Tural” restraint, through my father out from the roof of the car and put him into iron cage.


They forced my father to eat Ses newspaper. Then as it was less, they get the wild wolf wrapped with military form out of the baggage of the car and let it on my father for it end his life. The main reason was not to propagate Heydar Aliyev, to give refutation against him and to refuse this name. My father did not changed his view and wrote a honor history. Long years ago, my father informed of it to Gafar Aliyev from the President Administration. Mr. President, the ruffians of the so-called government in that heavy and dangerous years could not kill my father. But today the management of the Republic Prosecutor’s Office caused psychological trauma to Mammad Aliyev and want to kill him. We, as his son, can not bear this horror. Therefore we repeatedly ask You, please meet us.


Now my father is in very big constraint in Baku city prosecutor’s office made by the management of the Republic Prosecutor’s Office. Insincere attitude by the management of the General Prosecutor’s Office to him does not know limit. Simply my father says that he has been working as a prosecutor for 18 years and he have not been engaged in activity directions of the prosecutor’s office even one day. I go to the office in the morning and sit there and go home from there. In this 18 years, I have not fulfilled any task related to the prosecutor’s office. Even my father says that though 11 years has passed from issue of this rank to me in 2007, despite I repeated officially addressed to General Prosecutor Zakir Garalov and the Head of the Personnel Department Nazim Rajabov for issue of next rank, there was no result.  Indifference to this address of my father forced us, his sons, to appeal to You, to ask your help in this important time.


We informed the editorial office for information, I carrying the name of the Greatest Leader Heydar Aliyev and my brothers together have a video address to You. I wish if only our meeting with You would happen and let no need remain for transmission of this video address. If upon this address, the General Prosecutor of the country will not invite my father and discuss with him the concerns, and not consider that he has not received my father even one time despite of his 22 address, we will be obliged to transmit this video address prepared by us. (addresses attached). By the way, we would like to notify to Your attention that we, three brothers, can not come to Azerbaijan. We don’t have normal living conditions due to our father’s some 20 year work in unbearable environment. Today we live at the address 25th km, Baku-Shamakhi Road. We have no other address other than the mentioned address in Baku city.

Also our family registration is held by Absheron district Police Department. High voltage two electric line 240 thousand volt pass on our house. We are radiated when coming there. We would like to notify that some of neighbors died due to that radiation. There are women changed their life due to mammary cancer. I repeatedly ask You, please consider this address of us. Though we repeatedly addressed to Etibar Pirverdiyev in this connection to remove the ghost of death of 240 thousand volt on us, he stated that he did not know anyone in this issue. Mr. President, these are reality!                

So we, students living abroad, will be obliged to want help from You by our video address. I think that these speeches of us, three brothers, will give its result by the Azerbaijan Prosecutor’s Office.

Finally my father who is far from corruption and bribery, will be promoted to a post he deserves in one of the departments with higher monthly salary in the General Prosecutor’s Office and 18 year indifference against him will end. Muc respected President, we, Mammad Aliyev’s sons and a number of intellectual layer of all  people loving him assure You that if You trust any of force structures of the Republic to Mammad Aliyev today, he is able to manage it and serve for people.


Unfortunately there are such persons who want to stain my father  and cause him psychological trauma without considering his loyalty, his services in statehood!!! One wants say illiterate, one incapable about him. Can three sons of illiterate person study in higher law education in Moscow? Can an incapable person obtain letter of reference from the President for three times? Can such person say No to bribe and corruption for 18 years? Can such person be a member of the Azerbaijan Union of Writiers? Can he complete candidacy dissertation in law? Can he gain so much respect of his people and nation? Just these questions are open, Mr. President. Please, receive us with regard to our father and listen to us. See how this loyalty is high and honorable. We want to reach this honorary unreachable PEAK. We want to share our problem. We want Your help.




Heydar Aliyev, Javanshir Aliyev and Aghalar Aliyev brothers

27 March 2018

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